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Lucky India

Lucky India Hotel , Royal Heritage Hotel in Puri, started its journey from the mining hub Barbil, Odisha in the year of 2006 and during the span of ten years, it has put a niche in the hospitality sector and now it is a brand in that entire area serving to the diversifying needs of guests. The Hotel has got tremendous welcome from all sectors due its cleanliness, food quality and best services. Barbil being a place of ores and minerals is always attracts thousands of hundreds of corporate people for business and after the daylong hectic schedule, Lucky India is the only place to make relax and refresh.

Adding one more feather to the crown, Lucky India Royal Heritage has emerged as a distinct name as a Sea Facing Hotel in Puri. Since, it’s started on April 2014; it’s adding the goodwill and creating rapport in the sector. Our aim and motto is very clear and transparent that is to excel in this Hotel Industry and as well to become a leader creating our own brand value and becoming one of the best hotels in puri and aso being a Honeymoon Hotel in Puri. We have the best infra and location. Tourists get easily attracted to the ambience of this Luxury Accommodation Hotel in Puri. Our food is commendable; rooms are well equipped with all facilities and amenities. The Rooftop restaurant is an added feature to our services at our beautiful Sea Facing Hotel in Puri

Hotel business is no more a monopoly field, too many players practicing, wooing and using their strategy. Hotel is always considered as a Home away from Home. But in reality anyone who comes a Hotel to stay/ visit, he/she expects something very different, unusual, and unthinkable from their daily life. A guest looks for comfort, luxury, something unique and wants to carry lot of good moments and memories. So, our effort is always to provide the best of hospitality. Spend time with your loved one at our Honeymoon Hotel in Puri. Welcome again and wish you would have a different charm altogether.

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